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Did you know that only approximately 22% of content published online will be linked back more than once? That’s a certainly alarming rate for those who want to make the most out of their online marketing.

One of the most influential factors in how many people click or share your link is its simplicity. Whether you’re creating backlinking strategies for your website or are sharing content through your social media channels, having a long URL will cause you some problems.

This page will walk you through why having a long URL may not be the most effective strategy for your brand and how you can solve those problems with a service like LINKEM.

The Importance of Shorter Links

Sharing content is becoming one of the best ways to get your products and services known. As you make the sharing process easier for people, the more likely you will be of getting better results.

If you’re planning on sharing links on Instagram, for example, you’ll be delighted to know that 98% of marketers online say that Instagram is the best platform for influencer marketing; this number is higher than even Facebook, which stands at 44%.

On the other hand, Twitter reached 229 million active users daily at the beginning of 2022, making it an excellent place to share your content. However, if you share overly-complex links, people may not be encouraged to click on them.

If you have a 98-character URL, it’s automatically an eyesore for most of your potential audience. On the contrary, if you have a generic short link, you also run the risk of having a link that makes no sense.

Some examples of poor links include:


Overall, these are either too long and hard to remember or don’t have anything to do with your brand. An example of a much better link would be:

Some of the reasons why shorter links are better include:

• It helps with brand awareness.
• It helps to drive more traffic to your site.
• It makes your posts look better and cleaner.

Moreover, if you use a link shortener like LINKEM, you will gain access to a dashboard that will allow you to track your metrics.

Why You Need the Right Code Generator to Custom Brand Your Links

Today, there are many factors that influence how well your post will do online, such as SEO, quality, backlinks, and others. However, if you don’t pay attention to your links, people may not even look at your page at all!

A custom link shortener like LINKEM will allow you to generate custom and clean links for your brand, which will help you improve click-through rates and SEO. Even if you’re not working with links but rather QR codes, this website can help you create dynamic codes that will catch your readers’ attention.

Links for Content Creators

Those who are creating content on platforms like Instagram or TikTok may also benefit from using this code generator since it will allow them to generate an engaging “Bio Page,” which is a landing page that connects all of your links in a single page.

Bottom Line

Approximately 97% of people who click on your links may leave without buying anything, but what if you could bring them back? Thanks to this amazing URL shortener, LINKEM, you can now turn your long and dull URLs into memorable short-links.

Moreover, you will be able to create dynamic QR codes and exciting landing pages for social media, as well as track all of the information you need within a single platform!

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