Never Carry a Business Card

Never Carry a Business Card Ever Again But never be at a loss for handing out your contact details. Here’s a great way to share your contact information and collect contact information when you’re out and about. Beats the heck out of buying business cards. Step 1: Create a QR Code in LINKEM. Step 2: […]

Why You Need to Track What You Share

Why You Need To Track What You Share Are you pitching in the dark? Top of the ninth and our team brings in their best pitcher to close out the game with the bases loaded and the winning runs on base. He stares down at the batter, picks up the sign from the catcher, winds […]

Why You Need a Versatile Bio Link Page

Why You Need A Versatile Bio Link Page You Need Relationships, Not Followers You’ve probably seen it – your favorite Instagram account posts something interesting and ends with “link in bio to read more.” For anyone who wants to promote themselves, their products and services with an Instagram account, this “link in bio” is essential […]

Branded shortlinks improve clickthrough and SEO

Branded links Improve clickthrough and SEO Don’t miss the opportunity to build your brand every chance you get. Did you know that only approximately 22% of content published online will be linked back more than once? That’s a certainly alarming rate for those who want to make the most out of their online marketing. One […]

Marketers Need Shortlinks

Why Marketers Need Shortlinks Best practices for 2022 and beyond In 2022, the best practices for marketing will include using shortlinks capable of retargeting. A link shortener is a tool that takes a long URL and creates a shorter one that is easier to share. Shortlinks are a great way to make your links look […]