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With LINKEM, the one indispensable tool for content creators, influencers, and marketers. 


Dazzling Bio Pages
Memorable shortlinks
Dynamic QR Codes
Call-to-Action Overlays
Track & Retarget Everyone
Live support via chat

Dazzling Bio Pages
Memorable Shortlinks
Dynamic QR Codes
Call-to-Action Overlays
Track & Retarget

LINKEM can be used by everyone – content creators, influencers, solo-entrepreneurs, small – medium businesses, Fortune 500 companies, marketers from all walks of life … in short, there’s no limit to the potential users. 97% of people who visit your site or click on your links leave without buying anything, and then they’re lost forever, unless you can bring them back. Welcome to LINKEM, the affordable, easy-to-use solution with built-in tracking so you can retarget anyone who interacts with your content.

One tool that does all this:

Bio Pages

Easily create a gorgeous mobile landing page, with links to your social network, product images, e-commerce, videos, and more. Update any time with fresh content.


No one will ever click on your 68-character link. Create memorable shortlinks from long URLs for texts, emails, webpages, collateral and more.

QR Codes

Marry your digital universe with the physical with dynamic QR codes you can update anytime. Perfect for signs, menus, mailers, collateral, and more.



Add a poll, a coupon, a call-to-action...and overlay your own custom message that links back to you, onto any piece of content you share, anywhere.



Add tracking pixels and UTMs to every link and bio page. Keep sharing relevant content with visitors after they leave and keep engagement rates high.

Calculate your potential earnings:

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** Potential earnings calculator is based on total registrations for the year. In other words, With just 50 registrations over a whole year, your earnings would be $21,000. Adding 10 registrations a  month, your annual earnings would be over $50,000. At 25 registrations per month, your annual earnings would be over $125,000. There’s no limit and the commissions multiply every month.

How To Join LINKEM Affiliate Program

Start earning regular monthly recurring income with LINKEM today!


LINKEM is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to make an extra cash. There are no qualifications or requirements, so you can sign-up today and get started!


Leverage our supplied links, swipes, and promotional materials, and start promoting. Make passive income with LINKEM today.

Earn on repeat

Start with 20% commission rate, once you’ve reached 50 sales, LINKEM will increase your rate to 30%. Jump to 40% after 100 sales!

Fill out the short form and start earning today!

What types of traffic affiliates can run?

Program description & details


20%-40% recurring


Terms and conditions

Refund policy

90 days

Cookie lifetime

90 days


Every 30 days

Any restrictions


Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? Get an answer!

You can become a LINKEM affiliate with a starting 20% commission rate on all plans and 10% on all message packs. Plus, once you’ve reached 50 sales, LINKEM will increase your rate to 30%.
Want some more? How about jumping to 40% after 100 sales!

If you’re a trustworthy affiliate who wants to monetize your audience from your blog/podcast/YouTube channel/email list to make money with LINKEM, we’d love to have you on board.

Yes, we do. In the affiliate area you’ll find your links, swipe, and promotional materials.

We place a 60 day cookie for all our products and we will retarget them. You will still get credit for the sale despite our retargeting the visitor.

Payments are made via WISE payments become due after 30 days.

You can reach out to our usual support chat and speak to a real, live human during working hours, or email us at [email protected]. We’re here to help you succeed.