Never Carry a Business Card Ever Again

But never be at a loss for handing out your contact details.

Here’s a great way to share your contact information and collect contact information when you’re out and about. Beats the heck out of buying business cards.

Step 1: Create a QR Code in LINKEM.

Step 2: Make a vCard. 

Add all your contact details, social details, etc and then customize with colors and add your logo if you like. Click UPDATE and then download it as a PNG file to your desktop.

Step 3: Make a bio page and give it a name. 

In this case, I just used my name. In this bio page, keep the background white, make sure you add your photo as an avatar, click on “Content;” add a Heading (Scan for my details); add an Image and upload your QR code; add a divider (if you like); then add Contact form. Click UPDATE, and then View Bio.

Step 4: View your bio page; copy the link over to your mobile phone.

Step 5: On your mobile, click the “more” link and then “Add to Homescreen.”

Step 6: Move your home screen icon somewhere handy. For me, I put it up top on the main screen.

Step 7: Anytime someone asks you for your business card, open the link:

Step 8: After they scan your details. ask them to enter theirs in the contact form.
In addition to your details already in their phone, you’ll capture their details. To see them, go to LINKEM > Bio pages > click the 3 dots and then “View Answers.”

Step 9: View your responses. 

Notice you can download a csv file and you can upload them into CLOSEM for immediate followup. If you send them a text message, it will come up as a known contact, since you’re already in their phone. Sweet

Don't have CLOSEM?

Step 10: You don’t have CLOSEM? Get it, and put all your followup on autopilot.
Click here to get it.