Use case: QR Codes for Realtors

Supercharge your reach

These days, QR codes are everywhere—in place of menus in restaurants, in TV ads, and on smart agents’ signage and collateral.

While QR codes (quick response codes) have been around since 1994, they have only recently become an integral part of advertising and marketing for businesses. QR codes are absolutely an effective marketing tool in real estate!

Here are some ways you should be using to effectively integrate QR codes into your real estate marketing.

Make Signage Scannable

Most smartphones can read QR codes and immediately route the user to a landing page or website. Listing your agent website on the For Sale sign may generate some online traffic, but placing a QR code on the sign is more efficient. It will quickly send potential buyers directly to where you want them, such as an appointment signup form.

No sense handing out paper

QR codes enable prospective buyers to instantly arrive at a virtual tour they can take anytime, anywhere. Real estate agents can use virtual tours to show homes to a limitless number of people any time, day or night.

Potential clients may be reticent to talk in person and prefer leaving their impressions online. A QR code that takes people directly to a simple feedback form offers the opportunity to gather essential data, leading to more conversions.

Placing a QR code at a home showing or after bringing buyers in for a tour can encourage more honest feedback about what worked and what didn’t.


Make mailers more effective

Recent studies show that 70% of consumers say mail is more personal than getting emails or voice mails, and 40% say they will try a new business after they’ve received direct mail. Clearly, direct mail marketing continues to be one of the most effective ways to generate interest.

Recipients who receive your direct mail postcard can now scan your QR code and go directly to your calendar link, or your website, or directly to information about a particular property. 


Don 't forget to retarget

Adding a pixel to your QR code allows you to followup regularly with your potential audience.

Creating a QR code without a tracking pixel is like a day without sunshine.