Why You Need A Versatile Bio Link Page

You Need Relationships, Not Followers

You’ve probably seen it – your favorite Instagram account posts something interesting and ends with “link in bio to read more.” For anyone who wants to promote themselves, their products and services with an Instagram account, this “link in bio” is essential for driving audiences to your site from Instagram.

Making things easier for your target audience to really engage with you should be your top priority.

When it comes to social media like Instagram and TIkTok, etc, you typically get space for only one link in your bio (often called your Bio Page). This space is the only avenue you have to connect with your community, and if you don’t have an appropriate bio link page, you risk losing engagement with potential customers. 

Social media platforms like Instagram and TIkTok are among the most powerful marketing tools available. You can use it to increase brand awareness, promote your products and services, and even sell your products directly.  But there’s a section in your Instagram account bio where you can add a single link.

These platforms limit you to a single bio link, but there’s a lot more you can do with that link than you might think. Are you tired of constantly swapping out your Instagram bio link? Want to get more from that IG bio link? Looking to make it easy for followers to find more information about your product or service?

The best way is to create a custom landing page where followers can easily explore all of your important links in one place – without having to search through your posts or Instagram captions!

Here’s what a bio page is and how it can help you connect with your customers better, especially when your bio link is connected to a beautiful mobile landing page.

What is a link in bio or bio page?

Link in bio is a custom URL to a “bio page” – a custom landing page that transforms the Instagram feed into a clickable microsite containing the most important links of the user.

What Is a Bio Page?

Social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram give you a very small footprint to let your audience know who you are and what you are about — your “bio.” In this section, they give you just one link to promote anything you want.

What’s the problem? Typically, your followers will only be able to interact with you through likes, comments, or shares. That’s good for the platform — there’s more engagement and more time spent on the platform. And other than the ego boost of getting a lot of followers, that’s not really enough if you’re looking to build a real community of engaged customers.


Your bio page is the ace up your sleeve

It can help you drive a lot of traffic to your website, promote your products, and increase your sales.

Many content creators and influencers skip that entirely and don’t offer a link at all. What a waste! Others put a link to their website. While linking to your website is better than not linking at all, almost all your followers are using a phone — and sending them to a desktop webpage, even if it’s responsive for mobile, just doesn’t cut it.

Creating that truly mobile landing page allows you to collect all of your valuable communication resources within a simple link. Your page can have links to additional content, collect email addresses, offer contact forms, include various payment methods, share your playlists, and more within a few clicks!

According to the latest research, there are 4.67 BILLION mobile internet users — that’s over 90% of the internet who are using smartphones to go online. This means that you must have a bio page that’s optimized for those mobile users.

What makes a bio page “versatile?”

Beyond a basic page, you want a page that truly reflects your brand and unique identity. You’ll want to be able to customize your landing page with your colors, so it reflects your look and feel, or upload a custom background to really set off your style. You want to create perfectly optimized mobile landing pages that will allow you to connect with your potential customers in a much more engaging way.

You want to be able to post links to your other content, add things like contact forms, videos, playlists, products, e-commerce links, newsletter signup forms – even a donation link or “tip jar.”

More importantly, you want a “versatile” or “dynamic” page. This means that you can change the links any time without having to completely redo your bio page, or update the link on your social media. You’ll also want a page that allows you to collect statistics, and add things like Facebook pixels so you can retarget content to your visitors, and more.

97% of the people who visit your page or click on your link will leave without buying anything. This ability to retarget allows you to remain in contact with your visitor, and make sure your content follows them wherever they go online.

Further, the tool you use to create your bio page must also allow you to use a shortened URL, or shortlink. In addition to just being unsightly, no one will ever click on a 98-character URL, so you need to use a shortlink for your bio page. Lastly, that shortened link should be customizable so you can stamp it with your brand. It’s one thing to have a link like https://mywebsitename.com/users/mybiopage98022 but it’s better to have a short one that says linkem.io/YTD67 but best is to have a completely branded shortlink like myname.com/bio.


Bottom Line

  • While you can spend quite some time making your Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok page more compelling for your potential customer, if you don’t have a dynamic bio page, you are missing out on your opportunity to connect, engage and monetize your audience.
  • Using a tool like LINKEM, you can to create an engaging bio page and use it to promote anything you want and monetize your products/services more efficiently.
  • Moreover, you will be able to create dynamic QR codes and exciting mobile landing pages for social media, as well as track all of the information you need within a single platform!

Some of the things that LINKEM can help you with include:

  • Creating an engaging and customizable bio link landing page for mobile devices in a few minutes, without needed to be a graphic designer or marketing whiz.
  • Creating a beautiful QR code to connect your bio link to the physical world of posters, flyers, mailers and packaging
  • Giving your followers easy access to all your content within a single link.
  • Making the process of generating leads much easier for you.
  • Using powerful analytic tools to track how your links and QR codes are performing.